Uslu Hazelnut Works with all its power to reach people the natural flavor of the hazelnut which is the greatest gift of the land we live in and significant contribution of the life story of 8 million people living on the Black Sea Coast.


Today Uslu Hazelnut is continues its activities succesfully in the management of second generation family members who are professional in business and fully embraced valuable elders Hüseyin Uslu’s trust in hazelnut and the future of hazelnut.


Our mission is to produce uncompromissing quality products according to customer expections in healthy and reliable conditions and to supply them at the accurate price and when needed. It is managed with an understanding that can take the necessary strategic decisions without hesitation to make these values continous.

Uslu Hazelnut which is acting with the vision of “Being a respected company known and sought by buyers who need hazelnuts all over the world ” has succeeded to be one of the most respected industrial organizations of our company in the sector in which it operates. It is a reputable company has been supplying hazelnuts the leading organizations which is in nuts, chocolate, confectionery, pastry, icecream and  biscuit sectors with the trust of in their sector for many years.

Uslu Hazelnut knows and believes that in today’s world where consumption is constantly increasing and customer demands are constantly changing, the healthful taste of the unchanging Turkish hazelnut will continue to provide opprtunities for our country’s economy. It continues its journey with confidence in the healthfull taste of Turkish hazelnuts and people who contribute to the production of hazelnuts by processing these lands. This trust has brought great successes that will make the Uslu Hazelnut Family proud of operating for years without compromising its values. Company, although located on the “ Turkey’s Top 1000 Industrial Enterprises” list which is described in Turkey every year regularly by ISO, again in Turkey by esteemed organization of Turkey’s economy warded with “The Fastest Growing 100 Companies” , and as part of Turkey’s Innovation and Achivement Awards awarded with  “ Fastest Growing Company of the Hazelnut Sector” 

Walking towards the future with confidence with the power of half a century of experience.

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